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Weekend Update: April 29, 2013

Writing/Editing/Submissions: -Added ~100 words to Clarence Malton’s Flock. Did some tinkering with the outline, too. I need to get back to this in a serious way. -Wrote the first ~200 words of a new, unnamed story about a tornado outbreak … Continue reading

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Fictional Friday: USB

The first three paragraphs of this story are factual… So here I am in a hotel on the other side of Canada from home. It’s evening and I’m plugging away on a story about a Canadian veteran living on the … Continue reading

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Let Us Speak of Titles!

I want you to read what I write.  That means you need to want to read it.  It may also mean that somebody else needs to want to read it, so they can want you to read it as well. … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

Writing/Editing/Submissions: -Added ~1,800 words to Huntin’ Rabbit, a near-future police procedural set amidst an explosion of “furry” culture.  Story substantively complete at ~5,300 words, edited once, thrown out to a discussion board for comment. Limited but positive feedback so far.  … Continue reading

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A Personal History of Writing

I wrote my first “book” when I was about eight or nine years old.  They were basically comic books, maybe a dozen pages each, recounting the misadventures of a group of house cats.  There were a few, but I can … Continue reading

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Fictional Friday: I Think I Died Once…

So what the heck – I’ll spend some Fridays posting fiction.  This particular piece was penned prior to the World Cup in South Africa.  I’ve never considered it publication-worthy, as it’s a simple 1,200 word jape without any significant character development.  It … Continue reading

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The Many Edges of Farm Writer

The name of the blog isn’t just a matter of borrowing a popular phrase for the sake of convenience*. See, I’ve heard from accomplished writers that I, as a writer, should be putting out three hundred words a day, every … Continue reading

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