Weekend Update

Wow, so I was kind of lame this week, eh? A post on Tuesday, and then nothing – not even a Fictional Friday post – until now.

My excuse? Well, Wednesday through to yesterday were pretty hectic. While I had limited amounts of time free in the evenings, my muse was sound asleep by that point. It was all I could do keep up with my own writing challenge.


-Speaking of which, it was a slog but I wrote ~1,000 words to continue my contribution to the collaborative story-telling challenge mentioned last week. We’ve lost a couple more people, but several are seeing it through to the end. I’ve got one more piece of a few hundred words to contribute, probably on Tuesday.

Before things got crazy, I had a productive Monday evening starting to write out that weird idea I mentioned last week. Got about ~1,200 words in there and outlined the rest. Working title is I Drink Alone, and the premise is that the narrator goes on a bachelor party binge with alternate-reality versions of himself.

Ideas and Contemplation

-Pondered an old story a bit; I really like the basic idea, but when I wrote it, about a quarter of it was basically copy/paste from Wikipedia articles to provide context for the rest of it. That obviously won’t do if I want to submit this for publication anywhere, and frankly, I do.  So the challenge is how to replace the Wikipedia stuff.  Add that to my to-do list…

-Also pondered a newer idea some. There’s a call for fantasy-themed stories themed around lost things/people/places, and an incomplete proto-story I started in March does kinda fit that bill. I should tinker with it and see about finishing it.


-Not actually a lot, to be honest. A bit of hockey, the latest on Canadian shipbuilding, and some background on writing regulations – since I’ll be tasked with amending some regulations over the summer.

Tell me you guys did better than that!

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