Weekend Update


-About 500 words into I Drink Alone. The Hangover, Part III is already out, so my plan to coincide with that movie is out the window. This is coming along nicely; I just need to be able to re-focus on it.

-About 1,500 words into the fantasy story, as the priority of the week. That includes a lot of revision as I go; the precise details of the plot seem to evolve as I write, which is a bit of a nuisance. The difficulty at the moment is that I need a bit of space to build tension between the penultimate scene and the climax but I’m not really clear on how to fill that space in a meaningful way. My guess at the moment is that the protagonist and her son are going to sing songs, which may require that I write lyrics…

-No word back on either of my submissions out there. That’s better than having firm rejections in hand.

Ideas and Contemplation

-I’ve talked a bit about collaborative stuff lately; well, I put out a suggestion this afternoon. If you folks know The Vinyl Cafe on CBC Radio – basically a hour-long variety show – I’ve suggested that the folks on my discussion board contribute pieces to a text-based analogue. Each episode would contain:

–>A monologue in which the Host talks about the alternate history setting, culture, and history in which “the show” is supposedly taking place. For example, the Host might walk the streets of Lake Texcoco and marvel at the Aztec imperial palace while in modern-day Tenochtitlan.

–>One or two “songs”, in the form of original poetry or re-writing of historical lyrics. The Johnny Horton tune, “Sink the Bismarck” might get tweaked with an counter-factual ending in which the mighty German battleship gets away.

–>A “letter from a listener”, in which the writer relates a brief, memorable story; for instance, how somebody particpated in the Cascadian independence referendum of 2008*.

–>The main story, about a family’s (mis-)adventures in an alternate history setting.

Theoretically, that’s four rather different writing assignments for four different people to try each time we do one of these things, pulled together into one package. There’s some interest so far, so we’ll see what happens.

-Oh, and I contemplated a sci-fi story as a result of watching Star Trek: Into Darkness.

-Actually, I also contemplated a specific Star Trek story idea, too. Should Hollywood read yesterday’s post and invite me to send in a script, I will develop it further. Until then…**


-Gave a first read to my writing group’s next two stories.

-Read the first two chapters of a draft novel by a fellow on the discussion board. He’s asked for beta readers and I volunteered.

How’d your week go?


*Which, of course, I’m just making up as an example

**…I see no need to add to the thousands and thousands of Star Trek stories already in existence.

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1 Response to Weekend Update

  1. Lake Lili says:

    Ah… just think what could be done with Snoopy vs The Red Baron… Productive week – got 4,273 words written in a PAW story based in Victoria County – amazing how much you can get done when your child is doing math drills on the i-pad…

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