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Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights: Writing during Emergencies

There’s always time to write, it says at the top of my blog. But is it true? What happens if the fecal matter hits the rotary air movement device? Is there still time to write then, when the zombie hordes … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

So it’s a wee bit past the weekend; sorry, other writing-related priorities pre-empted me last night… Writing/Editing/Submissions -Wrote 1,200 words as my contribution to the collaborative story-telling challenge I referred to in Saturday’s post. Although a couple of participants have … Continue reading

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Challenge Accepted…

Ever issued, or accepted, a writing challenge? Basically, somebody – a writer, a reader, or an editor – puts out the challenge: Write something, with a specific condition. Perhaps there’s a specific theme to be considered, or a specific word … Continue reading

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Fictional Friday: Abducted Again

Running through forest. Dark night, no moon. Branches whip my face, my arms. Ribs hurt from falling. Can’t see. Glasses lost. Can’t hear. Breathing too loud. Heart pounding. Hang on – Vehicle ahead. A road. Safety. Another slash across face. … Continue reading

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