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Weekend Update(s)

I’ve got two weeks of updating to do here, since I was a miscreant and didn’t post last week. Writing/Editing/Submissions -Well, although I received some helpful suggestions and advice from readers via comments and e-mail, I didn’t manage to finish … Continue reading

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Fictional Friday: Jesse vs. the Class of Middleton High School

A”A nurse,” Mrs. Lipinski observes disdainfully, accepting the ticket from Stacey Jordan. “Indeed,” Mrs. Francis says, “Have a good time.” With that, Stacey – a high school senior wearing a small, tight white blouse and skirt, stethocope, and white stockings … Continue reading

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Boggles and Conundrums…

Yeesh… So there’s a fantasy anthology open until the 20th, and I’ve been working on a piece for it for quite some time. Problem is…it ain’t working. This happens from time to time, and for various reasons. How do I … Continue reading

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Fictional Friday: Letter from the Staking Rush

Please note:  I curse a lot in this one.  It seemed right for the character. June 14, 1995 Dude! How the fuck are ya? How’s the oil patch? Are you finding black gold and scoring cowgirls? Well, greetings from the … Continue reading

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I’m pleased to report that I’ve received and accepted a contract for Live at Gus’s Place. It will appear in Song Story Press’ Song Stories: Volume 2 in the next few months. As the anthology title would indicate, the stories … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

Writing/Editing/Submissions -Effectively no writing this week – but I have an excuse, as will be explained below. -I received a rejection for A Family Emergency, which did not greatly surprise me. The anthology had an apocalyptic theme, and this particular … Continue reading

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A Little Musing on Fan Fiction

So I was reading on the National Post that Amazon’s started working out agreements about making fan fiction available for Kindle. At the moment, they’ve got deals for three television franchises, and one supposes they’ll add others. Everybody will get … Continue reading

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