Hello Again!

Thanks for sticking around. It’s been a while, eh? I’ll confess that while gardening, family visits, renovations, and another mad month at work didn’t completely chew up my free time, I was rarely in a mood to actually write these past six months. Now that the month of madness at work is over, I’m finding myself switching mental gears once more.

So what’s new in terms of things that are writing and writing related?

Well, Tesseracts 19: Superhero Universe is now available for pre-order on Amazon. com. Check out the nifty retro cover, hey? We’re only a few months away from publication and I expect there will be some news on promotional events. I’m looking forward to seeing Black Sheep in print.

Meanwhile, an old side project is going to see daylight. I’d written a story set in an alternate history timeline a few years back, and a new alternate history small press is going to publish a volume with parts of that timeline and a few short stories set within it. This will include Rock of Ages, about a Siberian peasant who ends up founding a major diamond mining company in the interwar era. I believe the publisher is looking to have it out for Christmas, though only in digital format.

The majority of new writing of late has been two mediocre pages whipped out at 2:30 in the morning, one day in September. It was one of those cases where I woke up from a dream and thought, “Holy crap, that was cool” but in this particular case I blah-blahed out an introduction and then fell asleep again before I could get anywhere interesting. I think it’ll be back.

I saw three movies over the summer and fall.

Mad Max: Fury Road was pretty good; fresh. Some men and women kicked ass, and kicked ass, and kicked some more ass, and then went driving around until they find some additional unkicked ass. I’d read beforehand about a reviewer’s mother commenting that the movie showed senior citizens in a respectful way and that had confounded me until I saw the film. I hadn’t even realized there would be senior citizens in the film; nor could I really see how any would fit into a two hour car chase. But darned if the reviewer’s mother wasn’t right.

Jurassic World was okay, I guess. We had the requisite male/female lead romance-under-pressure, which felt rather stale given that I’d just seen Max and Furiosa spend two hours blowing shit up without going all googly-eyed at each other. The Claire character was okay, and the actress made the high heels work, but the high heels still seemed kind of dumb. The Owen character was a pretty bland alpha male who didn’t seem to evolve any over the screen time. I did appreciate how Jurassic-World-the-place was shown to operate; it felt suitably crass and touristy.

Big problem for me, I think, is that the big bad new dinosaur really didn’t seem particularly special in anyway. It was, for the most part, just a big T-Rex with elements of other critters tossed in to suit plot requirements. It was not easy to tell it apart from the T-Rex during the finale, and the nature of its demise was telegraphed well in advance.

American Ultra was okay. I candidly admit that watching drug usage turns me off, but the film had enjoyable moments. It did manage to get my back up at the end when one of the supporting characters did something that seemed really, really at odds with everything said and done previously.

I’ve heard quiet indications of a possible Star Wars movie coming out this month (*check your sarcasm detector now, please). I don’t know whether I’ll see it or not. The folks involved in the Star Trek reboot are behind this as well, and while the first of those films was pleasant, I really disliked Into Darkness.

So what’s new with you?



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2 Responses to Hello Again!

  1. Mowque says:

    Glad to see this back in action. I need to start writing again too…winter might be a good time!

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