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With Iron and Fire

For several years I’ve been a member of an alternate history discussion board, mainly writing and posting stories but also discussing current events and playing a bit of Dungeons and Dragons. Several years ago, I was approached by another member, … Continue reading

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2016: Up, Up, Up, Can Only Go Up From Here…

Baby 2016 is curled up and sleeping soundly, so let’s take a few minutes to discuss goals for the coming year before the little fellow wakes up and starts screaming. My word count has slipped from 58,000 in 2013 to … Continue reading

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2015 in Review: …yeah.

It’s coming to an end, so let’s see what goals were achieved in 2015 and which were not… I had set the target of 58,000 words this year, and while I don’t have an exact total at hand, there’s little … Continue reading

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Hello Again!

Thanks for sticking around. It’s been a while, eh? I’ll confess that while gardening, family visits, renovations, and another mad month at work didn’t completely chew up my free time, I was rarely in a mood to actually write these … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung

Hey folks, I hope Spring has found you in good spirits, all motivated by the arrival (or anticipated arrival) of warm weather, sunshine, and the end of snow. Personally, I’m loving it. After a second long, cold winter in a … Continue reading

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